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Cookbooks and rubs

Our top 3

We have quite a collection of various cookbooks now in our possession... you can never have enough right??

I'm going to take you through our best rubs and recipes from our collection.

#1 Grillstock

If you ever have the chance to go to Grillstock festival - do it!! for any BBQ fanatic its a must. Going round competition tents, talking and finding out tips of the trade... plus free tasters! To top that off you have great food vendors like DJ BBQ, combined with chilli eating contests, chicken wing challenge, music and beer.

Along with the festival and their Grillstock restaurant they created a book. This has to be our number one favourite with a collaboration of different competition winners and chefs there is a variety of rubs, competition food and bits you can cook at home.

Our favourite rub... and where we started... was their Grillstock house rub with paprika, brown sugar, sea salt, garlic powder, onion powder and a bit of heat from the chipotle powder thrown in there, it makes any meat taste great - Perfect for pork!

You will also find great recipes like competition chicken wings, Smoked buffalo wings and even seafood! This is a great all round cookbook for BBQ enthusiasts.

Click here for your copy of Grillstock.

#2 Hog - Richard Turner

This is one of the newest addition to our collection - and firstly a great looking book!

Everything to do with a pig is in this book and even learn about the different types of pigs and boars. The hogburger is a particularly mouth watering dish.

There's even a section on how to cure your own meat if you fancy making your own bacon. The book isn't devoted to BBQ and smoking but has some for the kitchen as well as outside. He also wastes none of the pig! and I mean nothing.. trotters and ears thrown in... but don't be put off by the unpopular cuts, these are often the best!

For your copy of Hog click here

#3 Pitt Cue

Along with their amazing restaurant in London... on our wish list - blog coming soon.. their cookbook goes into detail of the BBQ and the depths which it can produce mouth watering dishes.

They describe perfecting BBQ as a slow process from sourcing the meat, the sauce and even the drinks. But this book helps guide you through all number of meats, sides and even homemade sauces to help you perfect your BBQing.

Make your perfect drink... hope you like bourbon! cook your perfect pulled pork combined with red vinegar slaw, mother sauce, and mayo.

They even give you desert recipes with sticky bourbon & cola pudding, peanut butter & chocolate tart and 'snickers' mess leaving you fat and full after your BBQ.

Click here for your copy of Pitt Cue

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