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BBQ, Beef and booze

Where we started..

Where did we start, why did we start and why BBQ? We thought we would start this blog as a way of our customers getting to know us. After all count the memories and not the calories right??

We are a family run business with a huge passion for BBQ food. Originally from north wales we both met way back in 2002 and for all our sins have remained as close today as we did all those years ago and now reside in Fareham Hampshire.

For us there is no better way to entertain than to throw some coals onto the BBQ and cook up some fabulous treats for family and friends and over the years we became huge fans of cooking great big chunks of meat ‘low n slow’ on our smoker. The results and feedback we had from this was always positive which got us thinking “could we possibly do this on a much bigger scale?”.


After much deliberation, bottles of wine and many hours spent on google we decided that it must be done. The thought of sending people away with a mouthful of food that would get their taste buds tingling was too much to resist. Through the many hours of googling we had found our workhorse, a Lang smoker, all the way from across the pond. It was perfect, made from ¼ inch steel and voted the Number 1 smoker in the US. They have won more competitions than any other, there are ones that have tried to copy the design and some look identical but none can match the quality.

A trip to America later we were sold and Slow ‘n’ Smoked was born... including the odd selfie with DJ BBQ himself.

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